More Letters to the Editor

I could not be more humbled by the kind words of support that my fellow Andover residents are writing about me.  Nancy Lee Buckley and Matt Buckley are absolutely right when they say that I am “willing and able to tackle tough challenges, respectfully engage in necessary discussions and build consensus.”  Richard Davis and Viki Vasquez describe me as “adept at balancing conflicting opinions and needs, financial concerns, and political ramifications.”  It seems to me this is exactly what Andover needs right now.  We aren’t all going to agree on every issue.  But we should be able to disagree respectfully, engage in civil discussions about how best to find consensus, and make important decisions without grandstanding or politicking.  If I am elected, on every issue I will listen to diverse viewpoints, weigh community concerns and the needs of our students, and look for an outcome that strikes a rational balance for all stakeholders.

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