Election Day

It’s March 26, and tomorrow is the big day.  I remain humbled by the support I have received, and I thank everyone who held signs, wrote postcards, contributed financially, hosted a yard sign, and spread the word about my candidacy.

I want to convey a few important messages and then I’ll focus on turning out the vote. First, as a certified civil mediator, I am trained to help people who disagree to find common ground through a process of respectful collaboration. This has made me an excellent listener. So, if you elect me, I promise that I will listen.

Second, even if you vote for me, we should both be prepared for the day when we don’t agree. It will happen. And that’s okay, because when we disagree, I promise that I will be respectful in my disagreement. I will still listen, and I will consider all viewpoints, even if I come to a different conclusion.

Finally, inevitably there will be a tougher-than-usual decision to make, with strong arguments on all sides of the issue. When that happens, I promise I will be guided by a single principle: what is best for the education of our kids. Because it’s all about their education, really, and it seems like sometimes the adults in the room forget that. I promise that I won’t.

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