About Tracey

Tracey has lived in Andover since 2001.  She and her husband have two children who attend Andover public schools.  Over the years, she has volunteered in a variety of capacities at the schools her children attend.  Tracey is an attorney who practices employment law with her firm in Andover.  She attended Boston College Law School and Middlebury College.  Tracey enjoys skiing, reading, and cooking.  She also enjoys running and yoga, and finds that as the years march on, she needs to do more yoga just to be able to do less running.

Tracey is running for School Committee because she believes that strong schools make a strong community.  She believes that strength can be realized by ensuring the district has the resources it needs to deliver a high quality education to all of its students, while keeping a focus on fiscal responsibility.  As an Andover resident, Tracey believes town officials should demonstrate transparency, and she would make that a priority as a member of the School Committee.

For more about why Tracey is running, read her post on our blog.

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